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Charg1ng AAU Basketball

On April 23, Charg1ng will host an amazing all-day event for our Charg1ng families.  

To start the day, we want our Charg1ng players to know what it feels like to go through a Media Day experience. We are bringing in a photography crew to take pictures of each team. Every Charg1ng player will have the opportunity to have their picture taken in their Charg1ng gear and have a keepsake photo of them with their Spring 2023 teammates. After the photo session, the Charg1ng players will be interviewed by Braxton and get a taste of what is like to be a superstar athlete in the spotlight. Each Team Picture Session will last ~45 minutes. The time slot for your team is listed below. Once your photo session ends, you are welcome to stay and watch other teams go through their experience or you can leave for a bit and come back for the second half of our event. Media Day sessions will start at 10:00 am and end at 5:00 pm.  See the timeline below to see when your team is scheduled for your picture/interview session.

After we finish the picture session, at 5:30 pm we have invited Fundraising U back to host another 60-minute fundraising blitz for Charg1ng AAU. Participation in the fundraising event is optional.  You do not have to participate in the fundraising event to attend the team bonding session.  Please watch the video below to learn more about the fundraising event.

During the optional fundraiser event, we will also host a team bonding event for the players and parents where everyone can get their game on with video games, corn hole, and more. Charg1ng will provide dinner for the fundraiser / team bonding event.

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